I can: post pictures on my page

I can take pictures and post it on my blog.

The eatwell plate





image image image


My Restaurant Rules

This is the cost of the food:

Entree: Pasta $5

Main: chicken breast $10

Desert: icy fruit poles $2

Drink: Water $2

Drink:  Apple juice $2


I learnt that percentages are not that easy to do, but our project is the greatest project ever!

Term 3 Maths:

This term for maths I will be doing a travel agency, in my group is Dylan and Alyssa.

Here is a picture of my printed pic collage:


2 thoughts on “Maths

  1. Dear Fiona,

    Well done on your great work this term. Can you post more work. I would love to see your Restaurant Rules Project.

    From Fiona

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