Semester 2 Reflection

I learnt that the OLSCs got talent has unique acts.

Week 8 term 4:

The goals that I have achieved this semester are:

English: writing 3-5 paragraphs my big write, I achieved this by working by my self.

Maths: My OLSC travel project, I achieved this by working on my coupon.

Personal learning: working on my handwriting.

Interpersonal Learning: working as a team.

What I have learnt:

I learnt that performing is not about winning it’s about having fun,

I learnt so much much about the country Philippines, I learnt the instruments, weather, dances and catchy songs.

What I have enjoyed most:

I enjoyed performing in front of the group, taking photos of my friends dressed as clowns.

I enjoyed OLSCs got talent and the performances.


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