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  • Turtles are retiles.
  • Turtles have a hard shell that protects them like a shield, this upper shell is called a ‘carapace’.
  • Turtles also have a lower shell called a ‘plastron’.
  • Many turtle species (not all) can hide their heads inside their shells when attacked by predators.
  • Turtles have existed for around 215 million years.
  • Like other reptiles, turtles are cold blooded.
  • The largest turtle is the leatherback sea turtle, it can weigh over 900 kg! (2000 lb)
    Turtles lay eggs.
  • In some species of turtle the temperature determines if the egg will develop into a male or female, lower temperatures lead to a male while higher temperatures lead to a female.
  • Some turtles lay eggs in the sand and leave them to hatch on their own. The young turtles make their way to the top of the sand and scramble to the water while trying to avoid predators.
  • Sea turtles have special glands which help remove salt from the water they drink.
  • Many turtle species are endangered.


The branch of knowledge dealing with past events.


A schedule; timetable.






Once there was a school with a Singing Hippo, a Fast, Silly Monkey, a Slow Hopping Bunny and a Judging, Caring Bear. The Judging, Caring bear hang up a poster saying ‘THERE IS GOING TO BE A CONTEST FOR WHOEVER WINS GETS A TROFY, SIGN HERE TO RACE. All the animals signed up, the next day the animals had a race the hopping bunny said,
‘I’m going to win this race fair and square not slowing down’, the silly Monkey said, ‘I don’t think so Bunny, I saw how slow you are your as slow as a snail beating me’, said the fast, silly Monkey.
So the judging, caring Bear shouted,’ON YOUR MARKS, GET SET, GO!’, The silly, Monkey was halfway all around the forest, the fast, hopping Bunny was way behind and catches up to the Monkey,The fast, hopping bunny said in his mind,I have to push myself to the limit, so he pushed and pushed and pushed himself then he was in the lead and he won!
The singing Hippo sang a song for the Bunny since he won and the judging, caring bear gave him a Trofy and a triple-layered ice-cream, to celebrate the Winner he will be principal for the day.


This week I’m going to be doing a poem, my favourite poem is Acrostic poem here is a picture below:













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